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Speedy Cash

Speedy Cash is a popular American firm with SRC Transatlantic Ltd being the local subsidiary of Speedy Cash Intermediate Holdings Corp. Their loans are available both online at www.speedycash.com and you can also find them on the high street. There are 23 stores spread out nationwide and there are over 200 of them in their home country. We introduced their central American Product Here. Although this company is rooted back to the year 1997, they have only been active locally since 2010. Recently in 2013 they acquired WageDayAdvance that has helped to build up their local market share. There are two products available here that can be accessed online or through a local store.

This includes a standard monthly loan and there is also their Flex product that has an 18 month term attached, but you can clear early. With the monthly option you can receive from £100 to £500 and the charge is £29 per £100 that includes fast funding. With the Flex option, a larger sum of £1000 is possible and if you cleared the balance after a month then the same charge of £29 would be created. On the last occasion that I checked them they were charging £25 and so their pricing has recently been increased. A secure Speedy Cash loans login is provided at www.speedycash.com.

They trade from Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm and on Saturday from 9am to 2pm. Some of their stores are open on a Sunday. The full listings can be found in their “Store Locations” section. They have took a membership place on with the BCCA. It has been interesting to see this company primarily focus on a high street presence. Such land based operations are expensive to run that naturally minimises the potential profit. The biggest chain is DFC’s The Money Shop brand that has 550 shops nationwide. This shows how much competition they have in this area. They will be doing much better online now due to the support of WageDayAdvance.