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Shopacheck was created by Welcome Financial Services Ltd. The main Welcome brand of course closed down after bankruptcy. The group owner was Cattles Plc who can be traced back to 1927. They had their own troubles though and their shares were recently acquired by Bovess Ltd who have taken control. This lender is the second largest in the doorstep loan sector behind Provident Loans. Most of the other companies competing in this niche are left to pick up the scraps. The Shopacheck loans brand is found at that was originally setup back in 1997. As I’m aware, this company actually dates back to the 80s.

Other than this brand, they also trade online as SFS Loans. They state that customers can receive between £200 and £1000, although £500 is restricted at first. With the repayment schedules, 32, 50 and 78 weeks was previously available. However, these terms have been changed and so you can select either 34 or 50 weeks. They provide an example of a £300 loan over 34 weeks costing £210 and so this is now a little higher than Provident who they did previously price match. Full management is provided door-to-door by agents and so there is no logins equipped to although SSL is used here.

Once approved, they send an agent to your home to finalise the details. Once funded the repayments will be collected on a weekly basis. Coverage across the UK is extensive here with there being around 1800 agents. Provident incredibly has 11,000 that shows how large their organisation is. Poor credit including defaults and CCJs may still grant acceptance, but just be aware of the minimum age requirement of 21. The feedback across their customer base always tends to be high and they have took a member place on with both the CCA and the CCTA. Finally, this service is live between 9am and 5pm (Monday to Friday).