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Robinson Way (Robway)

The Robinson Way debt collection agency dates back to the year 1974 and so they are certainly one of the most experienced DCAs around. They are based in Salford with 200 staff members and around 900 staff who are making doorstep collections on a self-employed basis. Their company site is and Robway is their customer site that you will find at As with many popular firms, working with financial creditors has always been paramount here. They have for instance worked with big banks that has included NatWest. Home shopping accounts, telecoms and utilities are further areas that they have worked within.

Back in late 2012 Robinson Way was acquired by Hoist Kredit AB. They are specialised in financial sectors themselves and so the company direction is expected to move further in this direction. Hoist Kredit AB went on to acquire The Lewis Group collection firm in 2013 and so as a debt collection organisation their market share has been growing considerably over the past few years. For payments, is easy to use and comes equipped with secure customer logins. The Robway website has received a complete makeover recently that has seen a new purple theme that has replaced the previous blue and white finish.

If you have any payment queries to make then their support team can be reached on 0800 121 6902. This highly experienced debt collector has always been popular with creditors and they have tended to rank just outside the top 10 overall. Robinson Way are CSA member holders and they are for instance qualified under Court Action. They are as you can imagine quite active on the doorstep front that is clear from seeing that they have used 900 staff in this area. From checking The Lewis Group website just now I noticed that they have closed that operation down and have now fused it into this one.