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Ramsdens for Cash

Ramsdens for Cash is one of the UK’s leading pawnbrokers found online at www.ramsdensforcash.co.uk. This is of course a popular name on the high street and in particular with sporting fans with them being the kit sponsor of Middlesbrough football club. Ramsdens Financial Ltd has enjoyed rapid expansion with this initial small family business moving from annual profits of £200,000 up to over £7 million in just several years. Their first store was opened in 1987 and they now have 129 of these. This business is originally rooted to back in the 1950’s to Herbert Smith (father of the current chairman Stewart Smith).

That name isn’t to be confused with Herbert Brown that is a part of their major rival Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc. The brand in question is well known for pawnbroking and gold buying, but the focus today stems around their loans. Unfortunately, the information surrounding their financial coverage is rather limited. Once the www.ramsdensforcash.co.uk website has been reached the products of interests to us are found in the “Cash It” section. Here they promote their branch products for buy back on electrical goods, a pawnbroking loan and a logbook loan. I am aware that they use Hermes Property Services Ltd for this logbook product.

There is no actual Ramsdens payday loans offering, but they have recently begun promoting Provident’s Satsuma Loans. They simply earn commissions on each referral sent through there. Various services are covered by this company. It just appears that financial is not really their core and so this is why they choose to refer. It is of course important to cover the major high street chains and this is certainly one of the key names. It has been a little surprising that they haven’t focussed on a payday product, since their major rival Albemarle has done this through Cash Window that they purchased for £1.2 million (as EPDL).