Quid24 @ www.quid24.com


Quid24 has been an ever-changing lender over the past few years. When they originally launched back in 2009 at www.quid24.com a basic service was provided that lacked flexibility. You could initially take out a £100 text loan and this had a set 7 day repayment date. They have completely turned this around now to the point where they are one of the most flexible short term loan providers around. The term range is initially 5 days to 3 months, but 5 months becomes available to existing customers. The Peachy.co.uk and Sunny.co.uk brands are notable companies that offer an impressive repayment structure like this.

The difference with those is that you can pick any day throughout the month, but once you move past this stage the terms move up in monthly blocks. The Quid24 loans on the other hand always rise in daily increments that isn’t available elsewhere at this time. Their cash sums have also been updated to provide new applicants with £50 to £300 whilst the top returning sum is set at £1000. They provide secure logins at www.quid24.com that has recently took on a fresh design makeover. Such changes that have been made over the years shows that this popular text loan lender is always moving with the times.

The cost per £100 over 7 days would be £11.93 and 30 would be £34.70. Over 90 days, a £300 sum would cost £248.91. The first noted examples are close to 1% daily, but their fast transmission fee makes a key difference at £5. An area that could be improved would be the trading times, since they only operate from Monday to Friday (8.30am to 5pm). They reference that existing customers can request new funds that are processed instantly, although in the FAQ it states that their system must be updated. In this case, it remains unclear if they are instant for their return clients (as seen with the MyJar Loans).