Quicks @ www.quicks.co.uk


The Quicks brand found at www.quicks.co.uk is one of the newer used car supermarket chains around that launched in 2010. They have been growing quickly though that has a lot to do with them being part of Pendragon Plc who are mostly known through their control of Evans Halshaw and Stratstone. There are 6 dealerships listed that includes locations in Hull, Lincoln, Stockton, Stoke, Sunderland and York. However, on the main corporate site it states that they have 7 outlets. The number of used cars for sale stands at just below 1000. They sell a selection of models from the likes of Ford, Mercedes, Mini and Vauxhall.

We were interested in uncovering the Quicks finance details. Financing is available, although they don’t present info on such basics as the lenders that they use. When you search through their listings they do provide breakdown credit charges though. They offer the terms of 12 to 60 months and so it would be a HP agreement offered. We picked out a motor listed at £10,000.01 and selected a repayment period of 48 months. The charge came in at £2805.84 and there was a headlined APR of 11.44%. You can’t apply through www.quicks.co.uk and will be asked to fill in a simple enquiry form.

When browsing the site it was functioning very slowly, but this may have been a temporary server issue. All of the dealerships are open 7/7 days. The Monday to Friday times are 10am to 7pm, Saturday is 9am to 7pm and Sunday is 10.30am to 5pm. On purchases, a small warranty is passed on each sale at 30 days alongside a Money Back Guarantee for the first 7 days. Their sister-brands (Evans Halshaw and Stratstone) each currently boast an operating profit of around £27 million, whilst this company is currently operating at a loss and so there is certainly still a lot of groundwork to be laid here.