PoundAccess @ www.poundaccess.co.uk


PoundAccess was another payday lender that unfortunately faced difficulties that followed with the closure of their service. This brand was originally setup at www.poundaccess.co.uk back in the year 2011. It appears that they closed down a few months into 2013 and so they weren’t active for long. Soon after this, it was stated by them that they had stopped trading and that collections would be made by Engaged Solutions Ltd. They did at the time note that they would return back soon. This website has now simply been taken down. The owner was Via SMS UK Ltd that is part of the Via SMS Group.

This company is active today in 6 countries across Europe such as Via SMS in Poland where they are highly established. When they were active locally they offered flexible loans between £1 and £500 with terms of 1 to 30 days. The interest cost over 7 days was £7.25 and this was joined by a £5 same day transfer fee. What was notable with the PoundAccess loans was that they started offering sums from just £1. Wonga.com was the first company to do this and they may well be the only one in operation today. Secure applications were taken at www.poundaccess.co.uk and this included logins.

As an existing customer you could apply by text if you wished to do this. Applications were processed between Monday and Friday only. The early reviews were positive and they were a respectable outfit that did hold CCTA membership. It has never been made clear why this lender closed down. There may have been financial problems, but the competitive landscape of the payday loan sector may have been enough to push them over the edge. The larger group is still operating across Europe and there was that note that they would come back soon. We may well see a return, but it doesn’t like this will happen anytime soon.