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Pixie Loans

Pixie Loans is another fresh brand to launch in the 2014 year. They originally created their website (www.pixieloans.com) back in 2013, but their launch as announced on their Facebook page came in May 2014. This lender is interestingly based in Douglas, Isle of Man. They do not just cater Isle of Man loans though, with them taking on all UK residents that are in full time employment that pass their credit check. First time borrowers can obtain cash between £100 and £400. There is a note that £1000 is eventually possible. Their calculator cuts off at £400 and so the higher returning sums would be accessible once logged in.

Flexible short term repayments are offered between 7 and 31 days. The interest charge is simply set at 1% daily and you must also add £5 on for their fast transmission fee. For a weekly £100 loan, you would pay £12 in total. As is often stated here, 1% daily is good value over shorter terms, but it is the fast funding fees that really make the difference across providers. The www.pixieloans.com website has a great design and secure logins are attached. The Pixie Loans are processed between Monday and Friday from 8am to 7pm and they are open for a few hours on Saturday between 9am and 1pm.

Any repayment date that falls on a weekend (or bank holiday) will be repaid on the previous working day. Soon after launching a membership with the popular CCTA trade association was taken on. Out of the New 2014 Lenders, I do think that this one has been packaged together the best. Whether this company can go on to compete with the top short term loan brands remains to be seen. Several of these stand out by offering products at 1% or less as a total cost. This will of course soon be a thing of the past since the FCA cap will force massive price changes across the industry when it arrives in 2015.