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The Perrys Motor Sales dealer dates back further than most, having been established in 1908. This company (usually branded as Perrys) was created by Harold Perry who in the early days focussed on the sales of the Ford automaker. This changed in the 1980s when a range of franchises were built up. Today they represent 16 leading motor brands with such examples as Citroen, Fiat, Peugeot and Vauxhall. They now have around 40 dealerships spread across the UK. They can be accessed online through Their finance department page promotes catering people with bad or no credit history and they claim that over 90% of applications are approved.

No info is attached on the lending panel and the same also applies to the costs that you can expect when using them (other than the 0% deals). At the bottom of this page there is a calculator tool, but this does not show any APR figure, but it is merely there for you to calculate costs once you have requested the info from them. They do issue secure applications, although the user applying is redirected away from to do this. When you browse across the listings they tend to attach a headline that 0% finance is available, but qualification wouldn’t be possible with poor credit.

There is a video attached that states that the balance must be £5000 and that the term can stretch to 5 years and so this would likely run under a Hire Purchase agreement. When looking through the showroom times, these do change with some being open on Sundays and others not. If we take the example of the Perrys Huddersfield (Jaguar) outlet, Monday to Friday was (9am/6.30pm), Saturday was (9am/5pm) and Sunday was (10.30am/4.30pm). With the historic roots and notable franchises took on, this prominent British dealer is always on the rise and they have an annual turnover in the region of £500 million.