Peachy Promo Code 2014

Peachy Promo Code 2014

Update: Codes Have Stopped. Learn More.

Cash On Go’s Peachy brand has been making great strides forward since their launch in the year 2011. What they offer today is one of the most flexible loan products available across the market that has been crafted to a very high standard. You can for instance select a term from just 5 days heading up to 5 months. Sunny is one of the few rival lenders that can match this and Quid24 is another (although their 5 month term is only available to those returning). The cost is also well priced, although the Peachy promo code 2014 is essential to chop out the transfer fee to create competitive pricing.

The standard £100 cost would be £12 over 7 days or £35 over 30. Their fast transfer fee is priced at £5 and so once this is reduced you pay £7 or £30 that is just 1% daily. This same 1% rate needs to be paid by Wonga customers once their promo has been applied. This lender does operate on every day of the week that assures that applications are processed quickly. Their website is designed extremely well and a login facility is provided. As referenced in their introduction post, this company was created by one of the founding creators of TxtLoan (now served from

With this in mind, it has perhaps been no surprise to see such a prominent brand emerge that can compete with major lenders like Wonga. The Peachy promo code 2014 that was previously listed here has expired, but we have obtained a new one and this is fully working throughout the month of June (and now July). It is to my knowledge one of the only payday loan codes on the market that does also work for existing customers, since their rivals only tend to offer them to new applicants only. Once you reach their website you will see their calculator and the voucher section is besides this.

Code to Enter at UDG5OFF.