Peachy and Wonga Promo Code (Removed)


Both the Peachy and Wonga promo code have been discontinued in the 2015 year that will be covered in further detail here. Whilst these codes are no longer available you can receive a better deal with each of these lenders today than you could ever receive when such discounts could be obtained. These coupons were designed to take out their fast transmission fees for same day funding. Peachy charged £5 for this and Wonga asked for £5.50. Cash On Go’s Peachy loans promo was granted to new and returning customers that helped to differentiate it. Once used the customer would pay 1% daily (you’d pay £10 if you borrowed for 10 days).

The Wonga promo code was however available to new applicants only. When this coupon was applied it also took the overall charge down to 1% and so the same short term price was available here. The past savings got the price down to 1% with each lender, but now that the FCA cap has come into force the maximum rate that can be charged is 0.8% per day and so as you can see a better deal can be had by all customers. One significant change since the cap has seen Cash On Go adapt their product into instalments. The minimum repayment that can be selected now sits at 15 days, but they now head up to 12 months.

The market leading short term lender on the other hand still allows customers to choose any single day within the month, with one slight change being that the minimum loan is now £50 rather than £1. Once you do surpass £50 though the sums move up in £1 increments. Some good news on the promotional code front is that QuickQuid are still offering savings in 2015. They provide their speedy transfer for free and so the coupon is being reduced against their interest. There are no other known available codes across the short term sector. If you are happy to borrow over instalment periods then Pounds to Pocket still grant savings.