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Payday First has been lending via since back in 2008 and so they have gained plenty of valued market experience to date. They do also trade through the dot com, but that website isn’t encrypted and so this is the one to head through. This brand was composed by CFO Lending Ltd who in fact also issue loans using the CFO Lending Branding and they now offer a Guarantor Product. New and existing customers all have access to the same cash pot here that can range from £75 to £600. There is a £36 interest charge on each £100 borrowed over the term of a month.

There is also optional same day funding. The slow transfer option is free and this should take a few days to reach applicants. The same day option attracts a £15 fee on top, creating an overall £51 per £100 charge. The Payday First loans are available between Monday and Friday from 8am to 6pm and they do also open for a few hours on a Saturday from 9am to 1pm. The website is SSL secure, but it does not house a login. They have took on a membership with the CCTA and this is a company that has tested out TV advertising in recent years.

This advertising has aided their web popularity a great deal. They are also very popular through their alternative CFO brand. There is no difference when you compare each of these loan products side by side when you look at such things as the available sums and the costs in place. The pricing set here stands just above the industry average. The fast transfer cost is a little expensive compared to the usual prices set for such FPS transfers. It would also be good to see account servicing adding by them, but overall this is certainly an established brand that continues to be a popular choice across the industry.