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Payday Aid

Payday Aid is a short term loan brand released by Fast Investment Ltd that launched at back in 2011. Once you reach this site you will see the thermometer loan calculator that blends in well with their theme. The repayment range on this calculator is 7 to 45 days and so there is plenty of flexibility in place. First time applicants can access between £50 and £200 whilst anyone returning can access £50 to £500. The Payday Aid loans cost is quite straight forward, with 1% daily being charged on interest and there is a £5 admin fee that covers their checks and fast payment fee.

A £100 weekly loan would cost £12 or you would pay £35 over 30 days. One of the main service limitations here is that they trade from Monday to Friday only and this is during the restricted times of 10am to 2pm and they’ll have to make a quick call to you as well. You’ll no doubt have to get those applications in early to obtain a same day payout. When I proceeded to enter an application at to test the site, no SSL was triggered. I then added HTTPS in the browser and it was secured, so make sure you do this when applying.

There is an account login facility in place once you join the service. Fast Investment Ltd have took on a CCTA membership place. Just be aware that Payday Aid is licensed as both a broker and a lender. This means that they may try to push on other lenders if you don’t meet their criteria. It is good to see that they extend to 45 days that not too many short term brands stretch to. I wasn’t aware of this firm until a regular visitor pointed us in their direction. From running company searches, we could only find them reviewed on one website. They have started to advertise on Google recently though.