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NatWest Overdraft Charges

It was interesting to see that the NatWest overdraft charges were the second most commonly searched for UK fees online (Barclays was top). We picked out the prices/rates from, but it is that is the customer login site where all such overdrafts are managed. The National Westminster Bank (full name) was formed in 1968, but you can trace their origins to the year 1658. They have over 8 million customers (including small business accounts) and around 1600 branches. They became a part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2000 that was the biggest takeover in UK history. Sir Philip Hampton is the Group Chairman.

There is a range of accounts to choose between when scanning the website. They promote the four most popular choices with only one of these having no monthly fee (Select Account). This follows with the Silver at £10, the Platinum at £16 and the Black Account is £24. Further to this, they have options for graduates, students, under 18s and there is also a basic account. Paid accounts generally just include add-ons such as travel insurance. To cover the NatWest overdraft charges for the Select, you start with a £10 buffer and the monthly usage fee is £6, but you also pay interest at 19.89% EAR.

If you were to max out £100 then this interest would cost around £0.05 per day. The £6 fee works out at £0.20 daily and so collectively you are paying £0.25 each day. At £1000 you would pay around £0.70 daily. For Silver the same discussed fees apply, but you pay £10 monthly. The Select Platinum and Black Account have large buffers, but these are again paid accounts. For unarranged overdrafts, the daily fee is £6 (£90 cap). Unpaid transactions are £6 each time. Their Select plan did have a £100 buffer that was brought down to £10 in summer 2013 that naturally created many disgruntled customers.