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MyJar was another big name brand to launch in 2013. This company now at previously operated through the TxtLoan name. Through their previous identity they had of course established themselves as the market leading text loan lender with that service originally being formed back in 2008. A few slight changes have occurred since they have made the switch. There is just a single term of 18 days only (this was previously 15 days). The daily rate works out a little cheaper now as well. If you are applying for the first time then you can access the sum of £100 only.

When subsequent loans have been repaid then the loan increments rise up in hundreds that stretches up to the maximum level of £500. The charge on each £100 is set at £20 that does include their fast transmission fee. The pricing of this works out at 1.111% daily. This service does lack flexibility, but they make up for this in other areas. The most notable asset in place is that customers that repay loans are instantly approved for new funds. These just need to be requested and will be sent within 30 minutes or so no matter what time of day it is.

A secure MyJar login has been added to and so you can control the loan fully online, or you could still make the requests by SMS. It would be recommended to make requests online, since each SMS attracts extra charges. Their customer service team is live every day with the specific times from Monday to Friday being 6am to 11pm, Saturday is 8am to 6pm and Sunday is 9am to 6pm. This lender has picked up a loyal following that all appreciate the service efficiency. The lack of being available to select between a range of repayment dates is the main issue that could be improved.