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MiniCredit has been providing short term loans since the year 2008 at This brand was devised by Microcredit Ltd who are also active as MiniCashLoans. This lender is very popular in the industry and they have created a loan with many positive qualities. One area that could do with being updated is the expensive transfer fee that is forced and ramps up the overall value of their product. The starting amounts for new customers is £100 to £400 with a giant £1500 being available to those that have borrowed from them previously. This short term product carries flexible terms from 1 to 42 days.

You can currently only receive a loan up to the month though. This lender now displays their TV advert on their site. It is unknown if this has screened on any major channel. To cover the interest charge per £100 borrowed here, over 7 days this cost would be £9.10 or it would be £39 over 30. The fixed daily interest in this case stands at 1.3%. That required transmission charge is priced high at £19.50 that turns our sample examples into £28.60 (7) and £58.50 (30). There was a MiniCredit promo code 2014 that discounted 25% from the interest (not from the transfer fee), but this ended in early 2014.

From scanning the web no further code is currently circulating. A secure MiniCredit login is added at They were open every day, but they now close on a Sunday. To cover the full trading time listings, Monday to Friday is 9am to 8pm and Saturday is 9am to 5pm. It is unknown why they charge £19.50 for their transfer fee, when many of their rivals provide FPS transfers at £5 or so. Whether this will be changed in time remains to be seen. Just to note that their sister-brand MiniCashLoans did stretch up to 90 days, but they too are now capped up to the month only.