Lookers @ www.lookers.co.uk


Lookers is one of the most experienced dealership chains. The company was formed in 1908 by John Looker and they are found online at www.lookers.co.uk. The larger group has a few other brands on their roster. Whilst this central one covers England and Wales, Charles Hurst is notably popular that targets Northern Ireland and then there is Taggarts up in Scotland. It is not clear how many dealerships are in place for this particular company, but the entire Group currently has in the region of 120 outlets. Franchising has always been big business here and there has been a particular focus on both Vauxhall and Volkswagen dealerships.

With some of their showrooms they connect multiple manufacturers wall-to-wall. On last check there was just under 6000 used cars made up of more than 30 of the world’s leading car manufacturers. If you are interested in applying for Lookers finance then this can’t be done through www.lookers.co.uk. Whilst there is a “Get a Finance Quote” badge across their stock listings when you click this a small form just collects basic details for a callback. No cost breakdown is issued and the finance providers are also not disclosed. HP and PCP agreements are in place. There are some 0% APR deals, although this is for select new cars.

The 0% rates were mostly seen in the Vauxhall pages. Showrooms can be visited daily. The branch times vary, but we will use one example that was Monday to Friday (8am to 7pm), Saturday (8.30am to 5pm) and Sunday (10.30am to 4.30pm). This company has emerged as one of the UK’s top 5 used car dealers. They are popular and have enjoyed growth in profits year-on-year. From viewing a recent news article, it was reported that a new web design is being put together in November and so we will keep an eye on their progress. Hopefully, they’ll open up more on pricing transparency when this upgrade occurs.