Logbook Loans NI @ www.logbookloansni.co.uk

Logbook Loans NI

Logbook Loans NI (often branded as LogBookLoans NI) is a specialised Northern Irish logbook lender found at www.logbookloansni.co.uk. This site was devised back in the year 2007 that looks to have been their launch year. The only other lender that covers this area is Hermes Property Services. It is important to note that the product in focus is not available to residents of England, Scotland or Wales. Moving to the service specs, their payment calculator heads sums standing between £500 and £5000, although they do stretch to £10,000 (as seen in their FAQ). They lend up to 70% of the trade value of your vehicle.

The repayments available includes 12, 18 or 24 months, but early settlements can be arranged with them. Covering the pricing of a £1000 figure over the year this would have a weekly payment of £37.69 that creates an overall charge of £959.88. This is a cheaper price than what you would pay at Hermes who as noted are the other known firm to be active in this area. When applying at www.logbookloansni.co.uk they do not encrypt data. They call you back and then arrange to meet you to complete the paperwork. This would likely stem across Monday to Friday (no times are listed).

This is a no credit check lender that accepts poor credit including CCJs and they even cater those who do not have a bank account. Logbook Loans NI has been a strong performer in Google over the years for their target audience, but the demand from the residents of Northern Ireland for V5 lenders isn’t significant. This service is notable for the minimal eligibility requirements that should lead to high approval rates and their costs and priced well. As with many of the top providers in this industry, a CCTA member place has been taken on that is always the sign of a company that takes responsible lending seriously.