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Loans 2 Go is a logbook lender that you may have seen advertised on the TV recently. They trade primarily through, but they have also setup Although they aren’t referenced, it does appear that Hermes Property Services Ltd is the owner, or at least has had some involvement with this company. The lender in question does have a range of branches, but there is no specific reference to the number of offices that they have in total (I believe they have in the region of 60). The application process actually involves you having to head to a local branch.

Various documentation must be provided to them, with all of these being listed in the “Required Items” section. Between £250 and £5000 can be received by cash and a maximum sum of £25,000 can be obtained by bank transfer. The repayment structure can be taken over 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months and the balance can be cleared early. APR is displayed at 356.3% with fixed annual interest at 120%. A £1000 over 12 months paying monthly would come in with a charge of £1200. When making an application at no secure quotes are taken and the info provided isn’t too thorough.

Much of their business of course takes place on the high street and so their primary aim is to really get you to a local branch. There aren’t many Loans 2 Go reviews around that was a surprise to see since they are advertising a great deal. They have took on a place with the CCTA trade association. On their alternative website, they list store opening times from Monday to Friday of 9.30am/5.30pm and Saturday is 10am/2pm. On this second site they have a free car valuation tool that you will help to give you a better idea of what you can expect to receive.