Lending Stream @ www.lendingstream.co.uk

Lending Stream

The Lending Stream was the first major company to launch an instalment loan product that differentiated them to the monthly brands popular at the time. This service was launched at www.lendingstream.co.uk back in the year 2008. When we last checked this site, most loans available were taken over 6 months (for £180 amounts or above). Between £100 and £180 was 5 months and any amount below was taken over 4. As it now stands, a 6 month term is now fixed for every such available sum. New applicants are offered cash from £50 to £800 and the top figure of £1500 is there for existing customers.

A representative example for £200 is only presented that is priced at £272. This would calculate as £408 per £300 that is higher than many similar services. There was a fast funding charge some time back, but they updated this as free and increased the interest. The advantage back then was that there was a promo code for this that took out £15, but no such saving can now be made. The pricing as noted is beaten by several competitors in the 6 month loan sector. The advantage that Lending Stream has carried over them has been their expensive TV advertising campaigns that has really cemented their position as one the market leaders.

Secure account servicing is provided to everyone signed up at www.lendingstream.co.uk. A recent change has seen Lending Stream’s customer service times relaxed. They were live 24/7, but this has now changed to Monday to Sunday (7am/10pm). They claim to still deposit funds 24/7 that would apply to return customers. LS has took on membership places with both the BCCA and CCTA trade associations. The company owner is based in the USA, but I am not aware of any brands that they trade through over in the States. They did of course also trade locally as Zebit, but this was shut down by them recently.