Kabayan Finance @ www.kabayanfinance.co.uk

Kabayan Finance

Kabayan Finance launched back in 2010 at www.kabayanfinance.co.uk that has received a recent design revamp. As you may tell from their branding, they have carved out the target audience of the Filipino community across the UK, although they offer their service to the wider public. There is a central payday loan product available and they have recently added a set of instalment selections. Between £100 and £1000 can be obtained here. They did previously note £300 as being the limit for new customers that may still be in place. The calculator heads a term range of 5 to 40 days, but this is picking out your payday only.

Even if this is in a few days you pay a full monthly charge. This pricing has been competitively set though. It comes at the price of £20 per £100. You may just pay this alone, or you can instead opt for their FPS same day option for £5 extra. Although this service started out monthly, they have greatly enhanced the flexibility here. These Kabayan Finance loans can now be taken over 3, 6 or even 12 months. The £300 same day cost over 3 is £109.94 whilst over 6 you would pay £154.94. If you went with £1000 over the full year then the charge would be £905.

Applicants must be aged at 21 and be in full time employment. They take secure applications at www.kabayanfinance.co.uk and there is a login facility here, although this is currently not functioning. This BCCA member is open between Monday and Friday from 9am to 7pm and they are open on a Saturday from 10am to 2pm. If you used this lender over a month then the service charge is good and the newly listed prices over the extended 3 and 6 month terms in particular are highly competitive. A large following for this brand has already started to form, as seen on their Facebook page.