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Update: Greenwood Personal Credit Closed

The dominant doorstep loan lender Provident was recently introduced here and today we will move on to their partner brand (Greenwood Personal Credit). Interestingly, this company was formed by William Greenwood in 1877 that was just a few years before the main company was created by Joshua Kelley Waddilove (in 1880). Provident would later go on to acquire them in 1977 (on their 100th anniversary). They kept the name, but structured the service to match the main one. There are only a few minor differences between each of them. This for instance includes the website being composed in 2001 that was a year after their big brother made their entrance.

As well as this age gap, Provident recently got around to offering their customers an online no agent doorstep loan solution. They soon decided to give this service its own identity though and as a result they can now be found trading from Unlike on the main site, there is no mention of that product here at Greenwood loans. I believe they do cater applicants from the Republic of Ireland, but they do not have a dedicated Irish website setup as their sister-brand does. Other than these few differences, everything else is the same between them that includes the available cash sums and terms.

Further to this, the same eligibility requirements are in place and the same 11,000 agent network is used. The site includes no login, but encryption is used on every application filled in. There would essentially be no difference in which one of these brands that you did choose to head through. If this home collection service does not appeal to you then Satsuma would be recommended to check out. At the start of this post, we internally linked to the primary brand. If you wish to see the cash charges, loan amounts, operational times etc then you can view them by clicking through there.