Full Pocket @ www.fullpocket.co.uk

Full Pocket

A regular visitor often alerts us to new lenders that we have yet to feature on the site. We are very thankful for this and what was interesting with this particular company was that we couldn’t find them listed on any other comparison/review websites. Anyway, this lender is called Full Pocket and they trade at www.fullpocket.co.uk. From checking their Facebook page, it noted that they launched in June 2013. New customers can obtain between £100 and £200 and once a loan has been taken out it would be possible to receive £700. The Full Pocket loans are flexible with a repayment span of 7 to 30 days.

If you were looking at a weekly £100 sum then you would pay £7.35 or if you wanted a maximum 30 day period then you would be charged £31.50. This means that the cost is set at 1.05% daily. They process same day transfers through the Faster Payments Service and no extra charge is incurred for this. The www.fullpocket.co.uk website is designed well and you can securely login here to manage your funds. Their lending department processes applications between Monday and Friday from 9am to 8pm. It is good to see that they close late on, but they do shut down over the weekend.

I did spot a BCCA member badge at the bottom of their page and so this is good to see in force. They don’t actively promote this membership, alongside promoting that they issue free speedy transfers and so they are playing down their impressive qualities. We have introduced several short term brands whereby you are paying 1% daily and so they are slightly more expensive. However, if you are looking for a fresh face then this service looks to be a good market choice. Obviously, there are no online reviews as yet and so it will take time to get a clearer picture of how well they measure up.