Free Payday Loans with Vivus: What’s the Catch?

Free Payday Loans with Vivus. What's the Catch

In the comparison chart below each post you will see that the Vivus Loans command the top spots for both the monthly and the short term loan sectors. This is of course based on their 0% APR free payday loan promotion. Is there a catch to these free payday loans with Vivus? It is true that the first deal comes at no cost, but you may find it more difficult to qualify here in comparison to other lenders. This is a European lender and so they tend to be a little more strict (also seen in the Ferratum brand). You for instance have to aged above 20 to qualify.

If you are a returning customer then the cost of £100 over 7 days would be £15.90 whilst over 30 days you would pay £25 (much improved). This return charge over the full month is competitively priced and you can control this flexible loan throughout its term through the supplied logins. One area that they have become more limited on recently is their trading days. They did operate 7/7, but they have recently changed this to close over the weekend. Despite the free payday loans promotion, this lender hasn’t become too well known locally. They are very popular though in some of the 14 countries that they are active in across Europe.

They are notably established in Poland through that looks to be one of the fastest growing payday markets today. This is evident from seeing that Wonga now trade there through The owner (the 4Finance Group) is currently the only company to offer a free payday loans deal, but were they the first company to offer a promotion like this? An Australian lender (was called Cash Doctors now called Nimble) did offer first time applicants with their initial loan for just 1$ and then when returning a full monthly charge would be made (this deal has now ended). This looks to have been where the 4Finance Group adapted the idea from.

Speedy Cash previously offered a 0% APR first loan in stores only. I believe that this was just a seasonal deal that has now ended. You could essentially receive a free payday loan by using a cashback website. From studying some of these top sites, you tend to see that users are waiting months on end to receive their money and the overall reviews highlight the experience as being more bother than what it was worth. Internal cashback deals are of course much smaller in size such as the £5 per £100 deal from PaydayUK (this has now ended). If you are looking for a completely free deal then Vivus is the place to head to today.