Equifax @ www.equifax.co.uk


The Equifax credit report is accessible today through www.equifax.co.uk. This product arises from the second biggest credit reference agency. They trail behind Experian locally, but they are actually homed in the United States in Atlanta, Georgia. The most notable asset that this CRA carries is of course their vast market experience. They were formed back in the year 1899 as the Retail Credit Company with their name change occurring in 1975. Most lenders use the data of their rival Experian that has naturally helped to make their CreditExpert product the most popular report. Equifax is still widely used though and they are much larger than CallCredit.

The www.equifax.co.uk website details their local operations and this is also where the report is managed. If you are interested in this service, then you can take it out for free for an initial 30 days. After this time a monthly service charge will be either £9.95 or a little higher at £14.95 (with a score). The multi-agency CheckMyFile promotes providing this CRA’s reporting and score with their price being £7.99 monthly. It wouldn’t make sense for this CRA to allow an independent company to deliver their complete data at a cheaper cost and so we will have to check up and confirm this.

There was a time when they had a selection of showcased products, but they now just stick with the two. The top selection available at £14.95 is just a few pence lower than CreditExpert that is priced at £14.99. They haven’t really had much of an answer to compete with their major rival over the years. Perhaps of greater concern to them would be the rise of CallCredit’s Noddle service that is completely free and so this has helped to even out the playing field further. The two major CRAs may have lost some traction, but most UK lenders do use their data that makes all the difference.