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RevUP Media LLC is a financial group based in North Carolina that has been trading since the year 2007. Other than their home coverage in the US, they operate in Australia, Canada and of course locally here in Britain. RevUP Media’s primary local brand is UK Payday Today who have been assisted within this post by Dosh Now. They have also controlled such further trading companies as Gatekey Lending and Trusted Loan Centre. The primary website was launched back in 2009. The moderate level of popularity that this company has earned is mainly attributed by their inclusion on many popular financial comparison/review sites.

They are for instance promoted over on and they were previously headed within the MoneySupermarket payday loan area, before MS closed down that section. I would assume that they have a generous affiliate scheme in place that has attracted such big names on to promote this particular product. The Dosh Now site found at has been a much more recently devised brand from 2011. It is good to see that both of the referenced companies do use SSL encryption on all applications taken. With the product info across each service, the same £100 to £1000 loan amounts are promoted (expect restrictions here).

Dosh Now loans promotes a sample 29% charge, whilst on the UK Payday Today loans site a 29.95% charge is listed. These are realistic figures to pay, with many brokers tending to reference 25% rates when you in fact have to pay much more. Both brands are designed primarily for lead generation whereby the aim is to get that application processed, with promises of high acceptance rates and fast cash. It is not made clear which specific lenders they are partnered to, but they do appear to be updating their Pingtree system on a regular basis. Their Linkedin page for instance highlighted an upgrade just earlier this month.