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Credit Car Sales

Credit Car Sales was launched back in 2012 at This company was setup by Credit 4 Cars Ltd who issue the available finance. This is a lending division in this regard although this brand is actually setup as a broker that may perhaps be so that they can refer any applications that they are unable to accept. The only other way to access funding from the lender would be to go through a partner on the C4C Dealer Network. The coverage across the UK is extensive here with there being around 60 locations covered at this time (their central showroom is located in Basildon, Essex).

The product specs surrounding the Credit Car Sales finance is limited. They don’t address the particular financing options. From having a look through the listings they did note that 36 months is the term and that a 48 month plan is available. Due to this, I would assume that a PCP contract would be one of the options. No details also surround the possible figures and the charges involved. The only clue to the cost comes from the representative APR figure displayed at 62%. This is an expensive rate, but they are willing to consider CCJs and defaults. There is a noted small £100 deposit on one page and £200 on another.

You can quickly apply through by filling in a basic form (no SSL is fitted). There are as noted plenty of branches stretched across the UK. The times of Monday to Thursday (9am to 8pm) and Friday to Saturday (9am to 5pm) are provided. This is for their Essex showroom though and so their outlets may have varied times. The brand owner (Credit 4 Cars Ltd) is a CCTA member. The vehicles purchased include warranty and an MOT covering the first year. Whilst this brand may not be the most recognisable name around, they have been growing quickly and the C4C Network is becoming increasingly popular.