Clydesdale Bank Overdraft Charges @

Clydesdale Bank Overdraft Charges

We will be picking out the Clydesdale Bank overdraft charges here from This post follows on from the introduction for Yorkshire Bank that is a division within Clydesdale. This is due to CB holding the licence, but they are in fact a smaller organisation with 150 branches compared to YB that has over 180. They have been around longer though with their formation taking place in Glasgow in 1838 (in contrast to 1859). As it was discussed in the alternative posting, CBOnline and YBOnline share matched products with only a slight difference seen in the website colour theme used. This means that the overdrafts are also matched.

The owner of both banks (NAB) has been developing the available accounts to be controlled through your computer or phone. This means that many of the branches will likely be closed in the future. It has already been confirmed that 28 were being cut. Although both NAB banks are some way behind the majors, when you combine each there is certainly a lot of business running through the group. The Clydesdale Bank overdraft charges at match those at YBOnline and so if you want more details then just head over to that referenced post. To edge out the competition they will need to lower their informal fees.

The actual formal borrowing rate of 9.9% EAR is one of the best rates we have covered. This does jump to 29.99% when unplanned though. This is joined by a monthly usage fee of £25. Things get excessive should you make any more payments in the unplanned stage at £25 each day. There is a £25 buffer though. Also to add that each unpaid charge costs £15. There is no note regarding caps that are important to see so that you don’t get harshly penalised should your finances turn sour. Although CB is suited to residents of Scotland due to the branch locations, there is little differences between either brands.