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We have previously introduced CFO Lending and Payday First that are matched monthly loan products from the same owner. Today we are picking out CFO Loans that is their third offering in the guarantor sector. This product is available through that was initially registered in 2010, but an update was ran in 2014 that was when this service was unleashed. Their payment calculator and FAQ heads amounts of £1000 to £5000. There is a note that £500 is the starting sum on the homepage though and so you should be able access this smaller amount. Repayments are spread between the period of 12 and 60 months.

Early settlements can be made and should this be done then you pay interest to that point only. The cost of a £1000 loan over a full year would be priced at £236.70. Although no note surrounds the transfer, it is likely that they also impose a £15 fee as they do with their monthly brands. They offer good value, although they rank just outside the top 5 guarantor rates as seen within our comparison section. There is no login fitted to There is no encryption used either, but I believe they have purchased this, yet they have not set it up fully.

The application must be backed by a UK homeowner with a good credit score and the age limit spans from 23 to 70. This department is listed as being open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 7pm. At their other companies they trade from 8am/8pm (Mon/Fri) and 9am/1pm (Sat). With this in mind, you should expect them to be open for just a few hours on a Saturday. CFO Loans offer a speedy service that is completed online. Once a call has been made they will try to pay the money out on the same day. Failing this, they will do this on the next day.