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CFO Lending (Capital Finance One) caters payday loans over the month via that was setup recently in 2012. It may be likely that they started operating elsewhere. I did notice recently ( that was setup in 2010. This is now being used for their New Guarantor Service. This brand in question has a considerable number of search queries ran for them and they have been frequently discussed on consumer forums for several years which is why it is believed that they operated elsewhere. The owner shares the same name, but this alone shouldn’t make up for the significant number of queries ran.

Further to this, this brand is much more popular than their Payday First company. This was a surprise to see since Payday First launched way back in the year 2008 and they have even received a TV ad campaign. The service in focus today is matched in every way to the other and so it makes no difference in which one of them that you choose to apply through. To highlight the product info, the sums of £75 to £600 can be applied for with no first time restrictions being in place. All such applications are securely taken through, but no account servicing is included.

This would make it difficult to manage the loan (to extend, settle etc). This CCTA member charges monthly interest at £36 per £100 borrowed that gets the cash across in a few days. Optional fast funding can be selected that incurs a £15 fee. They state that over 80% of their customers choose this faster payment option. The CFO Lending loans team are live during working days from 8am to 8pm and on a Saturday they are open from 9am to 1pm. They state that the deposit time is made daily at 5pm and so it is unclear when they run the transfers on a Saturday (since they close earlier).