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The Cash Shop @ www.thecashshop.net

The Cash Shop

The Cash Shop was formed in late 2004 and they have branches in 14 locations at this time although two are owned by another firm. You can sell your used goods and they also offer such services as cheque cashing and pawnbroking. We will be looking here at their instalment loan product promoted on www.thecashshop.net. This goes by the name of YourLoan that allows you to borrow up to £500 over repayments of 1, 3 or 6 months. There is just one price breakdown. This covers an amount of £220.00 for 84 days that carries interest of £93.50. The headed APR for this example is 362.95%.


Cash Converters @ www.cashconverters.co.uk

Cash Converters

Cash Converters started out life in Australia in the year 1984. They have come a long way since this time and are today active in a wide range of countries with over 730 stores worldwide. They reference having around 220 stores in the UK with many of these being franchised. This is interestingly the same estimate quoted by their major local rival (Cash Generator). This Aussie company did arrive here in 1992 that was a few years before their competitor stepped in. The buying and selling of used goods has been their major focus over the years, although they have had to revamp due to the increasing competition online.


Cash Generator @ www.cashgenerator.co.uk

Cash Generator

We will be investigating the Cash Generator loans here today as headlined on www.cashgenerator.co.uk. This company was formed in 1994 and they are homed in Bolton although they are owned by the large American group known as Axcess Financial Services Inc. They have over 220 stores that were each originally designed as places to buy and sell used goods, although they have moved further into financial markets due to the struggles that they (and Cash Converters) have faced from EBay. There was a time when online Cash Generator loans would pass you on to The Loan Store (who have now rebranded to become Cheque Centre).


Cash and Cheque Express @ www.cashandchequeexpress.co.uk

Cash and Cheque Express

Cash and Cheque Express (often branded with &) is a high street chain owned by DTW Associates Ltd. DTW were previously introduced here for their logbook lending brand Auto Advance. The difference here is that the services available have to be received in a local store with there being 22 of these listed on their site. There are 30 noted on the Auto Advance website and so they may have opened some new stores recently. If you head into their logbook section you will be able to transfer over to www.autoadvance.co.uk. The other headed services include cash for scrap gold, pawnbroking, payday advances and so on.


H&T Pawnbrokers @ www.handtpawnbrokers.co.uk

H&T Pawnbrokers

H&T Pawnbrokers is headed as the largest pawnbroker in the UK. They do certainly have an major presence on the high street with over 190 stores in operation. This company (Harvey and Thompson) has a historic past dating back to the year 1897. We are introducing the web address here of www.handtpawnbrokers.co.uk here, but not too long ago they did have a dedicated H&T payday loans site setup at www.handtpaydayloans.co.uk. This was only created in 2012, but they have decided to drop this product. Before this time they had a partnership with the Instant Loans Direct broker, but they went direct for a short time.


Albemarle Bond @ www.albemarlebond.co.uk

Albemarle Bond

The first Albemarle Bond branch was opened in Bristol back in 1983 and they have grown considerably over the years to reach over 140 stores. Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc is the larger group that also owns the Herbert Brown brand and also Cash Window that they purchased as EPDL for £1.2 million. The web presence for the brand in question arrived in early 2002 through the creation of www.albemarlebond.co.uk. The content here is heavily focussed on pawnbroking and further markets such as cheque cashing and gold buying. They do have a loans section, but there has been recent changes with this product type.


Ramsdens for Cash @ www.ramsdensforcash.co.uk

Ramsdens for Cash

Ramsdens for Cash is one of the UK’s leading pawnbrokers found online at www.ramsdensforcash.co.uk. This is of course a popular name on the high street and in particular with sporting fans with them being the kit sponsor of Middlesbrough football club. Ramsdens Financial Ltd has enjoyed rapid expansion with this initial small family business moving from annual profits of £200,000 up to over £7 million in just several years. Their first store was opened in 1987 and they now have 129 of these. This business is originally rooted to back in the 1950’s to Herbert Smith (father of the current chairman Stewart Smith).


The Money Shop @ www.moneyshop.tv

The Money Shop

The Money Shop is the market leading high street payday lender that dwarfs most of their rivals with over 550 stores stretching the UK. The Money Shop payday loans are served through the address of both www.moneyshop.tv and www.moneyshoppaydayloans.co.uk. We have referenced the initial one that is their central website. This is also the one that they of course promote on the TV with the dog and cashback deal being shown in their latest campaign. Their initial store was opened in Nottingham back in 1996. DFC Global Corp went on to acquire them in 1999 when they had 11 stores behind them at the time.


Cheque Centre @ www.chequecentre.co.uk

Cheque Centre

This post was initially going to be made for The Loan Store who have been providing payday loans since 2003. However in late 2013 there was a branding change that saw them become the Cheque Centre with all visitors now being redirected on to www.chequecentre.co.uk. The Loan Store had previously been the online supplier for the Cash Generator Loans and also for this company in question. CC provided their own money on the high street, but their web leads were passed on to TLS. The reason for this was that all of these companies are owned by the same larger group (Axcess Financial Services Inc).