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CheckMyFile @ www.checkmyfile.com


CheckMyFile is a credit monitoring service that retrieves data from the major CRAs. This service was launched by Credit Reporting Agency Ltd through www.checkmyfile.com back in 2000. There has been a few multi-agency reports available over the years, but this is certainly the most popular release. They take the info directly from CallCredit and Equifax, whilst only public data is available from Experian. Public data would likely only be available, since this CRA of course runs the market leading report (CreditExpert) and so it has been important for them to maintain their prominence through exclusivity. CheckMyFile displays providing 7 scores and this package also includes identity theft assistance.


CallCredit Check @ www.callcreditcheck.com

CallCredit Check

Noddle was recently introduced here that has been making waves in the industry since it reached the market. This free credit report is not the only product available from the CallCredit Information Group though and so this post will provide some insights into this second offering. Just to cover some background info surrounding this agency, they are much smaller in size than Equifax and Experian. It was originally formed in the year 2000 by the Skipton Building Society who no longer control the brand. This paid service goes by the name of CallCredit Check and this appears to have been setup in 2010 and it is available via www.callcreditcheck.com.


Noddle @ www.noddle.co.uk


CallCredit is the smallest of the big three credit reference agencies. They are used by less lenders than their rivals and for many years they have struggled to compete financially with their fellow CRAs. There was a breakthrough though in 2011 when Noddle was set upon the market at www.noddle.co.uk. This is a free credit report service that has enjoyed massive growth. Equifax and Experian offer their reports for free for the first 30 days and then full monthly charges will be imposed, but here you never have a pay a penny. They generate profits by making recommendations based on the data that they present to you.


Equifax @ www.equifax.co.uk


The Equifax credit report is accessible today through www.equifax.co.uk. This product arises from the second biggest credit reference agency. They trail behind Experian locally, but they are actually homed in the United States in Atlanta, Georgia. The most notable asset that this CRA carries is of course their vast market experience. They were formed back in the year 1899 as the Retail Credit Company with their name change occurring in 1975. Most lenders use the data of their rival Experian that has naturally helped to make their CreditExpert product the most popular report. Equifax is still widely used though and they are much larger than CallCredit.


CreditExpert @ www.creditexpert.co.uk


CreditExpert is the most popular credit report here in the UK available via www.creditexpert.co.uk. This product is the creation of Experian who stand as the largest local credit reference agency (CRA) and they also happen to be used by the largest number of lenders that includes leading banks. They were formed in 1996 when the CCN Group and TRW Information Systems & Services merged. This is a massive global organisation that trades in 40 countries with over 17,000 staff members being spread out across these many locations. This service is actually searched more online as “Credit Expert”, but it has been titled here as it is branded.