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Update: Cash Window Closed

The Cash Window service was launched in 2013 at as a rebrand from EPDL who had originally started out in 2003. Early Pay Day Loan Ltd (EPDL) was acquired by Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc in 2012 for the large price tag of £1.2 million. It is this acquisition that is the reason why this major identity change has occurred. These new Cash Window loans are also available in over 200 stores belonging to Albemarle. It should be noted on the last site visit that they stated that they were not currently issuing new loans whilst they were revamping their system.

A frequent check will be made to see when they again go live. To provide some basic product insights, you can either choose a loan over the month or instead over an instalment term of 3 months. With the main product, sums can be accessed between £100 to £400 at first, whilst £800 is available for returning Cash Window customers and £1000 is restricted to those from the past Early Payday brand. The charge is competitively set here at £25 per £100 that includes a fast transfer. The 3 month term is specifically in place for the amount of £500 and this option attracts a £299.80 charge.

A secure customer login is integrated to Those that head into the stores will receive the monthly loans at exactly the same cost. Most of their affiliated shops are open on a Saturday, but beware that this online service is only available from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. There are some notable qualities here, with the pricing in particular being impressive with that monthly 25% rate being a better rate than what most of their competitors charge. Further to this, although this is a fresh identity, you have to remember that this is a company that has over 10 years market experience.