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Cash ASAP (CashASAP) is a short term loan provider at that is identifiable through their unique polar bear branding. This is a single trading identity of Apfin Ltd that was unleashed on the market back in 2012. They offer a highly flexible product that stands as their primary asset and their costs are also priced well. New customers can access funds between £20 and £300 with each amount rising in £1 increments. As a return user, you can stretch as far as £750. As well as being able to start small on the figures, you can also choose any repayment between 1 and 31 days.

The Cash ASAP loans cost per £100 over 7 days would be £6.90 and a 30 day charge would be set at £29.59. There is no extra fast funding fee and so the daily interest of 0.986% is all that needs to be paid. Just make sure that you repay on time since there is an extensive fee of £5 (alongside the interest). This is one of the few lenders to charge less than 1% daily over shorter repayment periods and so they head straight into the top rankings as seen below this post. The site is fitted with a secure customer logins.

From scanning through their FAQ, they do clearly present their service info, but they don’t disclose their opening times. They do list their phone number as being available during normal working hours and so Monday/Friday (9am/5pm) would be assumed. Although there are no company reviews, this is a trusted credit provider that holds BCCA membership. If you are looking for a similar lender to Wonga then although Cash ASAP isn’t available over the weekends, they are cheaper and they are almost as flexible. You could for instance borrow £23 over a few days that is handy if you are a little short on funds just before your payday.