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Noddle was recently introduced here that has been making waves in the industry since it reached the market. This free credit report is not the only product available from the CallCredit Information Group though and so this post will provide some insights into this second offering. Just to cover some background info surrounding this agency, they are much smaller in size than Equifax and Experian. It was originally formed in the year 2000 by the Skipton Building Society who no longer control the brand. This paid service goes by the name of CallCredit Check and this appears to have been setup in 2010 and it is available via

A limitation at hand here is that no such free trial exists and so you will have to pay for the information from day one. Its cost is reasonably priced at £4 per month although the billing is made for a full quarter and so you pay £12. This CRA is not used by many lenders and so the data that you can access here lacks the accuracy as available from the big two. Some may wonder why this product has remained active, when you can just use Noddle for free. As I’m aware, the difference would be that you are handed with identify theft alerts and a more detailed score.

If you choose to go ahead and use CallCredit Check then you just need to signup over at that is where they house the secure account servicing. The lack of a trial naturally goes against them, that you can of course receive with CreditExpert/Experian and Equifax. Praise is certainly warranted though for Noddle that has shown that they can compete with these much larger CRAs. They work on that side by making specific recommendations based on your profile. If you apply through their links then they earn commissions. This appears to be working well for them, although their competitors haven’t adopted a similar strategy thus far.