Bee Loans and The Money Spider

The Money Spider
Bee Loans

This broker fusion will combine Bee Loans and The Money Spider that are each brands belonging to the Cheshire-based group Knight Creative Ltd. There are several other projects behind them such as ICashAdvance, Ladybug Loans and Payday Bubble, but the two in focus are the most popular. Bee Loans in particular will be the most recognisable name to many since they are an active advertiser online. This particular site is found at that was created in late 2008. The alternative brand at ( was created a few months before this. We will provide some insights here covering the primary company.

When you initially visit you will see that you can apply for a personal loan up to £15,000 with no further specifics being provided. They just take the application on that single page. There is a button for payday loans on the homepage of that we are interested in here. Once you have headed through here, much more detailed product info is presented. Here you can apply for between £50 and £1000. Unlike most brokers across the industry, they actually head flexible terms on their calculator between 5 and 31 days. They do promote a rather vague monthly interest figure of 25% though.

The same flexible terms are headed on The Money Spider website and so it is clear that this broker does use some short term lenders like Peachy or Wonga within their lending panel. Knight Creative has done a good job with the two referenced sites that have been branded and designed well. However, do be aware that they do not use encryption on the application forms. Although you get an idea of the type of lenders that they are using within their panel, they don’t disclose any further information on them and so it may well be a run of the mill Pingtree service that they are using.