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Barclays Partner Finance

Barclays Partner Finance was originally formed in the 1930s as Carrick Finance. They later became Clydesdale Financial Services in 1987 and the acquisition from the banking giant took place in 2003 that has created the current identity. The bank itself was established in 1690. The financing divisions of Leisure, Motor and Retail are headed on The Motor department discusses a range of funding options. This includes Conditional Sale whereby between £1500 and £50,000 is available up to 60 months. With this option the car is owned by the customer once the final repayment is made. This contract is essentially the same as a HP agreement.

Then there is Personal Contract Purchase covering the amounts of £1500 to £50,000 up to 48 months. Here you are paying off depreciation with added flexibility. They also head Unsecured Personal Loans, but provide no further details. However, on the main site you can use the calculator for their Barclayloan. For £10,000 over 48 months, the charge is just £915.23 at an impressive rate of 4.3% APR. This amount actually calculates as 4.4% though that is important to highlight since Santander offers 4.3% (at an amount of £884.96). A similar charge to Barclayloan would be expected through the website.

You can’t apply for Barclays Partner Finance here, but will have to go through a broker/dealer. It is not clear how many dealers use them, but the largest motoring supermarket does (Car Giant) and you’ll see their badges on a number of further prominent dealer websites. Lloyds of course boasts a network of over 5000 through Black Horse. Picking out the rates for the financing agreements is not easy since they don’t disclose these. The many dealerships that use them tend to use a large panel and so finding them that way is also tricky. Even in the case that someone just used them, they would likely add charges.