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AutoPawn has been providing direct logbook loans since 2003 with this brand being the workings of Redrose Management Ltd. There is a company using this same that operates in the States although they are termed as “Auto Pawn” and there is no further affiliation between them. Redrose Management also trades throughout the UK as Zoom Zoom Loans although that particular brand doesn’t command much popularity on the web. These AutoPawn logbook loans available through come with no credit checks. They do not make a reference as to how much cash can be obtained, but a starting figure of £500 is displayed on their homepage.

They have a set repayment period of 78 weeks in place, although you can repay early and receive a rebate of interest when doing this. For pricing, there is an APR charge displayed at 305.9%. They provide an example of a £1000 loan over the 78 weeks costing £1425. This works out at approx 7.308% over the month that is competitive, although it doesn’t quite match the price at Varooma. No SSL is used when applying through Once processed, they will get a rep to visit you within 3 hours of applying. I did spot that over 50 bases are listed.

However, these appear to be more alike agreed meeting places with the shops being owned by others. No specific days/times of operation are referenced. This is a responsible lender that does hold a member place with the CCTA. They don’t really dig much into what they require when it comes to eligibility. With bad credit and no credit checks being headlined though, most applicants should qualify so long as they can afford the repayments. Overall, the price of this service is competitive when compared across other sector brands. Not too sure how they measure up for feedback though since every review online was for the US company.