Aspire Money and Best4Loans

Aspire Money

This post will introduce two of the largest bad credit personal loan brokers competing on the market today. This includes the Aspire Money service and they will be joined by Best4Loans. Both of these featured companies are very popular and they importantly don’t charge any broker fees when you use them. Both were interestingly created in Stockport although Aspire Money have recently listed Dudley as their new territory. They appear to still be based in Stockport though since they display a “0161” telephone code that covers the area of Manchester and its surrounding areas. Anyway, you can find this company at that was created in 2009.

They did start out on the high street though that was back in late 2005. They state that they process in excess of 55,000 personal loan applications each month. This would imply that they would likely be advertising extensively in magazines, newspapers etc since you don’t tend to see them advertised too much online. On the secure application form at you can access cash from £500 to £10,000, although £25,000 is listed as a possible sum. The variable APR displayed is 58.5% APR. They have also recently added an instant cash loans section to their website that uses Pounds to Pocket.

Best4Loans was formed in 2004 and they are located at On their homepage they promote handling 100,000 loans each year. This brokering service is owned by Valour Finance Group who did have another introducer company called the Unsecured Loan Company, but this has now closed. They also own a direct lending brand known as Lightning Loans. With the company in question you can access between £80 and £25,000. You have to pop in a small secure quote into and from here they provide comparison listings. This will showcase a mix of subprime lenders like Everyday Loans and those targeting prime markets such as Sainsbury’s Bank.