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The Arrow Global collection agency carries a rich history that dates back the year 1961. This was as Arrow Financial Services in their home country of America, with this featured firm being their European subsidiary. They have been introduced today due to the owner’s vast experience, but they don’t do a great job of making the payment process easy for anyone who is seeking to pay up. Their website address is that introduces their services, but there is no payment facility in place that we will come back to later in this post. This US company has of course had plenty of time to master their craft.

They did actually only arrive in the UK in 2005 though and so they have had to play catch up with the premier industry names. This debt purchaser has a few departments within their organisation. These are seen in their selection of profiles on their CSA page with most of these covering Debt Purchase and one covering Consumer Debt Collection. Arrow Global has tended to pursue financial sectors that has included working with banks and credit card providers. Telecom arrears are also actively chased. From scanning forum posts covering this company, these discussions do pop up a great deal and so lots of people are receiving letters from them.

They are clearly keeping busy and keyword data shows that they are being frequently queried in Google. For market share, they took a ranking of around 80 that is reasonable considering that they are one of the newer arrivals on the local scene. When you factor in their reputation and roots, you can see them being able to reach out to creditors effectively where they will be buying accounts in bulk. You can’t currently pay Arrow Global online at that hopefully they will update. They do list a number of 0800 130 0169 and so you would have to speak directly to them to make a payment.