Aktiv Kapital @ www.aktivkapital.co.uk

Aktiv Kapital

Aktiv Kapital is a prominent European debt collection agency that was established in Norway back in 1991. They operate centrally from the address of www.aktivkapital.com. They moved locally in the year 2001 and they have setup www.aktivkapital.co.uk for this region. They have actually spread their wings to operate in several countries across Europe, with the exception being that they have also moved on to trade in Canada. I can’t recall any other DCA that has expanded quite like this one. They are locally based in Bromley and have approx 125 staff members working here that shows that they do sit on the small side.

This DCA primarily joins up with financial creditors where the bulk of business exists. They recover the arrears of credit cards, loans and store cards. This CSA member has a good industry track record and for market share they have been progressing well in recent years. There are around 30 agencies more busy that is notable considering that they only launched locally in 2001. Aktiv Kapital have created www.aktivkapital.co.uk to display corporate info and they also take direct secure payments here. Any payment enquiries can be made on the line of 0800 180 8456 and they take calls on this number between Monday and Saturday.

Their website carries a professional design and it is good to see that they disclose very concise information, as seen within their FAQ section. Further to this, it was interesting to see that they offer a Customer Reward Scheme when payments are made to them. They are in this instance the first collection agency to provide such loyalty incentives to those in arrears. This is one of the most successful DCAs when you consider that they have expanded to such a high number of countries. As impressive as they have been across Europe, I do think that they will need to expand to really flourish in the UK.