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ACF Car Finance was acquired by The Funding Corporation (2) Ltd in 2003, but the history before this acquisition is unknown. They have operating online since 2006 at The number of total owned branches is not confirmed. From spotting a recent profile 8 were listed including Birmingham, Bristol, Dunstable, East Midlands, Isleworth, Leeds, Maidstone and Manchester. The Funding Corporation (2) Ltd is a direct lender. ACF is setup as a broker, but we have marked them as a lender here due to their owner issuing the credit. The brokering side is setup as a backup to pass on leads if they can’t accept you themselves.

It was interesting to see that a Bill of Sale agreement is available here that many will be aware of through the Logbook Loan sector. They do also note offering a Hire Purchase agreement. The specific terms are not mentioned and the same also stands for pricing. The only clue we have to cost is the headed APR figure of 49.9% that is displayed on the homepage. There is a section that states that they choose to hide their pricing, since they don’t wish to be benchmarked against other car dealers and finance providers. You can securely apply for credit through to receive a quick decision.

You can visit a branch between Monday and Friday (9am to 7pm), on Saturday (9am to 5pm) and Sunday is available under appointment only (no times are mentioned). Based on the 49.9% APR figure, they are clearly targeting the subprime market. Whilst it is not detailed what circumstances are considered, they reference that you must be at least 21 years old and you must also reside in England or Wales. ACF Car Finance is a trade association member of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The financing specs aren’t clear, but this company is experienced, they have a good network spread and they can deliver quick online decisions.