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The Access Fast Money loan brand is a creation of Access Mortgage Underwriting Ltd. This family-run business is offered through the address of that looks to have been launched in the later stages of 2011. What jumps out when you reach this site is the headline of no credit check payday loans. From looking into this further, they do in fact run a check for bankruptcy as well as checking on identity and they also look at what other lenders share. Faxing is also likely. It may be the case that they are less strict on scoring, but they do impose high limits on applicant eligibility.

This includes being aged at 21 and the minimum wage must be £1000 each month. There are limited cash amounts at this time of either £100 or £150. The interest cost is fixed over the month at 30%. The Access Fast Money loans also come with paid transfer fees that you can select between the “48 Hour” option costing £10 and “Same Day” at £25. This is the pricing when they discount them from your funds, but if you add them on to the repayment then they rise up to £13 and £32.50 and so this same day choice is even more expensive than what they charge you for interest.

There is no login facility built in to the website. For some time there was also no SSL used here. They have now added this, but when I checked this I had to enter HTTPS myself to get a secure connection. Their opening times are listed between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday. Having to pay extra cash for their slow transmission option is a limitation that hopefully they will change in time. Some praise is deserved for this lender’s customer feedback that has been highly supportive to date. This would likely stem from their loyal following scattered across their local region of Bournemouth.