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TrustTwo @ www.trusttwo.co.uk


TrustTwo is a new guarantor loan product from the team at Everyday Loans (owned by Secure Trust Bank Plc). It has replaced Duo that was packaged alongside the main product. This new brand is served on its own website at www.trusttwo.co.uk that was put together towards the end of 2014. The TrustTwo guarantor loans have 2 standout qualities that includes low pricing and the high available loan sums. They have replaced Duo in providing the cheapest sector rate at 39.9% APR. With sums, £7500 can be obtained although this is by applicants that can source a homeowner backing. Otherwise, with tenant backings you can access between £1000 and £5000.


Different Money @ www.differentmoney.co.uk

Different Money

Different Money is the new name that has replaced MyMate. This rebrand took place in 2014 with MyMate itself only being launched in 2013 and so it was a surprise to see a change like this occur. I did think that they carried out a great job on the branding of the original company, but the newer offering is also catchy. The new product available at www.differentmoney.co.uk spans between 2 and 12 months. New and returning customers have instant access to the same available cash sums that starts at £150 and stretches as high as £2500. Different Money loans do however come with restrictions based on the amounts selected.


Savvy @ www.savvy.co.uk


Savvy is a 2014 rebrand of Lightning Loans that itself previously went under the guise of Valour Loans. The background of the original brand is unknown, but the owner has been trading since 2003. This is the second company that has changed their identity in 2014 (with the other being Different Money that was a change from MyMate). This new service in focus at www.savvy.co.uk is specialised in loans over the period of 12 months. If an applicant successfully passes their credit check, but is counted as a risk then they will be offered a smaller 6 month term on more restricted cash sums of £100 to £300.



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