TxtMeCash @ www.txtmecash.co.uk


Update: This brand has been closed. They now operate as Cash Genie only.

Ariste Holding Ltd’s central brand (Cash Genie) was previously introduced here and we will today focus on their second most popular release that goes by the name of TxtMeCash. PaydayisEveryday is a third owned company that will also be briefly referenced. The www.txtmecash.co.uk site was composed in 2010 and so it only followed a year after the Genie came along. When we created this post, this firm was termed as “Txt Me Cash”, but this changed to include no spaces and so we have updated the title. The branding suggests that they are primarily a text loan lender and on the homepage it does reference sending a text for funds.

Despite this, from running through the information presented on the site there aren’t any added details surrounding the SMS side of the service (other than receiving reminders through messaging). Applications can be made for amounts from £75 to £500 and there is a £30 per £100 interest charge in place. Fast funding was an optional add-on at the price of £20, but they later removed this. The application form is fully secure and www.txtmecash.co.uk comes fitted with secure logins. The available sums and charges of this product exactly match that of the central brand. The same is also the case for there being a promo code displayed on the form.

However, no live promo codes were found when checks were made. The PaydayisEveryday company actually dates back further to 2009, but it is the least popular release. The same service characteristics are also matched there. The TxtMeCash loans are responsibly packaged through their CCTA membership that is held. You should expect the same trading times to be in place as at their sister-brand. This covers working days from 8am to 8pm and Saturday is also catered from 9am to 4pm. As noted, the text facilities are not clearly explained by them. You should expect that if SMS requests can be made then £1 extra charges would apply.