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The Quick Cash Club

The Quick Cash Club is a guarantor variant to the payday loan. This service was released by Chandler Hart Ltd back in 2012 and it is accessible through This fresh brand carries plenty of management experience behind it, with the founder being a previous employee at The Richmond Group. He worked on FLM Loans and then FLM Quick that was the first guarantor payday loan product. A recent check was made on this service to update this listing and there have been some notable changes to cover here. There is in fact no fixed term and you can clear early, but they now display long instalment terms on their calculator.

This range sits between 6 and 24 months. They have now removed the monthly pricing example that scored them highly here at Miyagi. This was £17.73 per £100 if you did happen to settle after the single month. You could apply for £50 to £500, but they have now increased this to £750. The site is fitted with secure account servicing. To pick out a pricing example, the sum of £300 over 6 amounts would be set at £155.82 that is competitive. Once approved with a backing, the cash will be received on the same day so long as the application is received before 4pm.

Their listed contact times are Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. The Quick Cash Club guarantor requirement is that a UK resident must be aged at 21 or above with a good credit history, but they don’t have to be a homeowner. One of the challenges they will be facing is that both George Banco and UK Credit allow tenants to back their loans and you can obviously receive much higher sums with each of those. This is problematic for them, since they will already struggle to attract clients who are willing to find a third party to secure sums that you can source with most payday lenders.