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Update: Speedy Dosh Closed

The Speedy Dosh lender launched back in 2010 at www.speedydosh.com. This company that is headed in London has enjoyed swift growth over the past few years and has become a popular choice for those in need of same day cash. A monthly term has been set here and new customers see restrictions of £100 to £150 whilst in time £450 is a possible figure and so they do keep their available loans on the small side. An interest charge of £25 per £100 is charged over the full term and there is a £5 fast funding fee to factor that creates a 30% overall cost.

When venturing across their website you will clearly see the Speedy Dosh promo code box that has been designed to take out that £5 fee. Unfortunately, we have been unable to track down any code. An issue with this coupon is that when you do enter any such code and select to verify it you are redirected to the next page without showing any possible saving. Either way, we will be keeping a watch out for any codes. You can apply securely at www.speedydosh.com and once funded you are provided with a login facility. A member place with the CCTA has been took on by them.

The loan operational times of this company are not currently disclosed. In their FAQ it is stated that agreements accepted after 4pm will not pay out until the next working day and so it does appear that Monday to Friday is when they your funds are likely to be processed. The Speedy Dosh loans are well priced and the web reviews spotted for them have been supportive. This is clear from seeing that they have already begun to develop a loyal brand following. It is not clear though why they stopped updating their Facebook page in late July 2013. They are still lending despite this.