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SFS Loans

SFS Loans is the sister-brand of Shopacheck who are a popular UK doorstep loan company. Each is owned by Welcome Financial Services Ltd (part of Cattles Plc). SFS Loans is served through www.sfsloans.co.uk with this website being created back in 2012. You can receive doorstep cash here between the levels of £200 and £1000. Either 32 or 50 weeks can be selected on their payment calculator. Within their FAQ they do mention 78 weeks as being an available term, although this would likely be accessible to existing customers only. Once you have borrowed from them it is also stated that you can receive higher amounts.

The cost of £300 over 32 weeks would be £180 (399.7% APR). This is the same charge that would need to be paid over at Shopacheck. One thing I like about their calculator is that it does throw up the cost breakdowns for every example entered that isn’t the case with their fellow company. If you are aged over 21 then you can apply at www.sfsloans.co.uk where the application will be processed securely. They would deal with this application between Monday and Friday. The times are usually 9am to 5pm, with the exception being that they open later at 9.30am on a Wednesday.

This is a responsible lender with CCA and CCTA memberships. It should be noted that this service matches that of Shopacheck. Other than the available amounts and terms, this also goes for the same 1800 agents being used. You would need to speak directly to an agent if you wish to settle your loan early or receive more cash. SFS Loans does look to be a good doorstep lender to be using, although there are no distinguishable features against the market leader (Provident). There you can for instance choose between a wider spread of repayment offerings and as a return customer you can even access up to £2500.