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Payday Express is an experienced lending brand that you will find at They have been active online since back in 2003, although they note roots of 1999 (it is likely that they started with store lending). This release from Express Finance (Bromley) Ltd is owned by DFC Global Corp who also control the PDUK and Money Shop brands. On the international stage, DFC are mostly known for running Money Mart. When reaching this lender for the first time applicants can select cash amounts between £100 and £500. The returning possible sum is £750. The cost over the month is priced per £100 at £29.

A recent change has been made from this lender. Previously, new customers were provided with free same day funding. A return customer either had the choice of a free slow transfer or they would have had to pay £15 if they wanted a fast transfer. Fortunately, all customers now receive a free Faster Payments Service transfer and so only the monthly interest charge needs to be paid. A Payday Express login is provided at for secure servicing around the clock. They are open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm and on a Saturday from the duration of 9am to 1pm. They close on Sundays.

This company does carry CFA membership and their feedback score from their customers is high at 97%. The overall £29 charge here is cheaper than the £29.95 fee that you would pay over at PaydayUK. Their fellow brand was previously cheaper based on their cashback deal, but this has now been removed. Another benefit here is that weekly paid applicants are accepted that isn’t the case over at PDUK. Unlike them, they haven’t managed to attain the major lender status. Although they have the required experience, with no TV advertising or online ads, they haven’t had much of a chance to compete with the best of them.