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Morses Club is a home collection loan business based in Worcester. Their website ( dates back to the year 2002 and there was a big company shake-up when RCapital acquired them in 2009. Other than this, there is no further background history available to reference. They have 36 offices in a range of locations that includes coverage in Northern Ireland and Scotland. As you will see noted below though, not a particularly wide number of areas tend to qualify for loans. Doorstep cash loans is their central focus, although they do also provide high street retailer cards. This includes the likes of Asda and Debenhams.

With the main product, you can select terms of 34 (for £100 to £600) or 50 weeks (£500 to £1000). A term of 33 is available that is specific to Northern Ireland residents only. There is a noted new customer restriction of £150 and so this should make the 34 selection only possible at first. A £100 charge here would be £70 whilst for existing customers £300 would be set at £210. This makes this service more expensive than the rates available from the leading lenders in this sector. When applying, you either fill in a basic form at or you can give them a ring.

When I entered a local postcode in the quick contact box it stated that they did not operate in my area that is never a good sign. If they can cater, then an agent will agree on a time to come round to your home within a few working days. On last count there was approx 180 staff and a further 450 agents. This website contains limited service details. There is for instance no specifics regarding just who can qualify for a Morses Club loan. With a higher price than the major names (who cover every major location), this doorstep lender doesn’t stand out as a particularly desirable choice.